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Miaoli County ─ Longteng Bridge
Longteng Bridge-
Longteng Bridge is the most noted attraction on the Old Mountain Line in Longteng Village of Sanyi Town, Miaoli, Taiwan. The bridge was completed in 1906 during the period of the Japanese colonization. The big earthquake happened in 1935 caused severe damages to the bridge that left only with bridge piers and could not be repaired, a new iron bridge was established 60 meters away from the old Longteng Bridge.

Standing at 50 meters tall, about 200 meters long across Yutengping River, Longteng Bridge is the highest iron bridge in Taiwan. Today, Longteng Bridge and the new iron bridge together with the nearby Shengxing Railway Station are the most popular attractions in Miaoli. It is favored by all travelers to take a walk on the iron bridge and enjoy wonderful views overlooking beautiful surroundings. The remains of Longteng Bridge are a great spot for wedding photos.

Just like the nearby Shengxing Railway Station, Longteng Bridge is embraced by white Tung flowers every year from April through May, making the area a picturesque Taiwan destination for one’s Taiwan travel.

Longteng Bridge, Sanyi Town, Miaoli County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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By Car:
No. 1 Zhongshan National Highway(國道一號)-> Sanyi Interchange(三義交流道) -> No. 13 Provincial Highway (台13線) bound for Sanyi (三義) -> Miali no. 49 Town Road (苗49鄉道)-> Longteng Bridge(魚藤坪斷橋(龍騰斷橋))

By Bus:
Take Hsinchu Bus-Sanyi Line at Miaoli Railway Station(苗栗火車站) to Sanyi (三義站). From Sanyi (三義站), take a taxi to the Longteng Bridge (魚藤坪斷橋(龍騰斷橋)).

By train:
Take train to Sanyi Railway Station(三義火車站), and then take a taxi to the Longteng Bridge(魚藤坪斷橋(龍騰斷橋)).