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Taipei City ─ Shamaoshan (Mt Shamao) Hot Spring
Shamaoshan (Mt Shamao) Hot Spring-
Located within the Yangmingshan area, Shamaoshan (Mt Shamao) welcomes tourists with a year-round profusion of colour and a natural landscape that one will want to stop to enjoy; another great spot for a hot spring soak and a feast of wild-grown vegetables in nature’s scenic embrace, offering something good for body, mind and soul. Volcanic and geological factors have produced several sources and types of hot spring on Shamao Mountain. Sulfuric acid springs are dominant here and the water has a sulfur smell that is slightly stronger than the ones in Beitou; offering temperature around 55C to 80C degrees, steam covering the whole mountain area isn’t unusual to see. It is also said the spring here offers great healing power for skin problems and arthritis as well. Shamao Mountain is well-known for its wild-grown vegetables, thanks to the relatively low temperature and fertile soil here, the locally grown veggies are especially sweet and delicious. Over the years, restaurants have been adding creative dishes to their menus to attract more visitors.
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Sulfuric acid based hot springs

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Visitors may find many hot spring hotels and resorts in Shamaoshan area offering hot spring facilities and delicious local food.

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Drive on your own:
1. From Taipei: Sec. 6 Zhongshan N. Road (中山北路6段) -> Tianmu West Road (天母西路) -> make a right turn to Tianmu N. Road (天母北路) -> Shinyih Road (行義路) -> Shaomaoshan Hot Spring (紗帽山溫泉)

2. From Taipei: Sec. 7 Chengde Road (承德路7段) -> make a right turn at Shipai Road (石牌路) -> Taipei Veterans General Hospital (台北榮總醫院) -> make a turn at Shinyih Road (行義路) -> Shaomaoshan Hot Spring (紗帽山溫泉)

By Taipei MRT:
1. Take Taipei MRT-Danshui Line (捷運淡水線) to MRT Shipai Station (捷運石牌站). From there, take bus no. 508, 535 or 536 to Shinyih Road stop (行義路站).

2. Taipei Taipei MRT-Danshui Line (捷運淡水線) to MRT Shilin Station (捷運士林站). From there, take bus no. 612 to Shinyih Road stop (行義路站).