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Have no ideas where to go for your Taipei trip?
Find out Taipei top 10 must-sees for your Taiwan travel.

National Palace Museum
Located in Shilin District, the world-renowned National Palace Museum has the world’s most complete collection of ancient Chinese artifacts include paintings, crafts, relics and important documentations reflecting the rich culture and civilization of the ancient Chinese. It houses about 655,000 pieces of works, with much of it liberated from mainland China during the last retreat of the KMT. The major parts of exhibition on rotation include paintings, calligraphy writings, ceramic, jade, and a fascinating collection of Buddhist artifacts inherited from the Forbidden City. The most famous and notable pieces of the museum are Jadeite cabbage, Meat-Shaped Stone, Agate Finger Citrons, White Jade Branch of Elegant Lychee, T’ien-huang Stone Miniature Mountain, and Jadeite Screen Insert. The sheer volume of priceless collection makes the National Palace Museum a must-visit for one’s Taiwan travel. Multi-lingual guided tours and English headphone guides are available upon request.

How to go to National Palace Museum?
By Bus:
Take bus no. 213, 255, 304 Chengde Line, 304 Chongching Line, mini bus no. 18, mini bus no. 19 or Red 30 to the museum.

Take MRT-Danshui Red Line to MRT Shilin Station. From there take bus no. 255, 304 Chengde Line, 304 Chongching Line, mini bus no. 19 or Red 30 to the museum.

Taipei 101
Located in Xinyi District of Taipei City, Taipei 101 is Taipei City’s landmark opened in 2004. With a distinctive design in eight sections according to the Chinese lucky number-8, Taipei 101 is comprised of 101 floors with the world’s fastest elevators at the time of complete that can travel 90 floors in only 37 seconds (64.4 kilometers per hour approximate). The skyscraper houses a number of boutique brands on the lower floors, cooperate use on the upper floors, and Taipei 101 observatory on the top. The observatory offers an unparallel experience setting foot in one of the world’s tallest building, where panoramic views over the heart of Taipei City are to be seen, from the busy corner of Xinyi commercial district, to glittering dazzle of the multitudes of cars and the sky full of flickering stars.

How to go to Taipei 101?
Take Taipei MRT Bannan Blue Line to MRT Taipei City Hall Station. From there, take a 10 minute walk towards Xinyi Road from Exit no. 2 to the Taipei 101.

Shilin Night Market
Previously moved to its new location on December 25, 2011, Shilin Night Market is one of the most popular Taipei night markets among both local and international travelers. The new renovated building of Shilin Night Market is comprised of three basement floors and one ground floor. Two basement levels (B2& B3) are designed to be car park, while B1 is where 94 food vendors can be found, offering wide selections of Taiwan snacks. The new home of Shilin Night Market is appointed with air-conditioning, designed to provide a more comfortable space for visitors to savor a memorable Taiwan night market experience. Popular Taiwan Snacks in Shilin Night Market include Sausage Wrapped in Glutinous Rice, Oyster Omelet, Fried Chicken Fillet and Bubble Ice.

How to go to Shilin Night Market?
Take Taipei MRT Danshui Red Line to MRT Jiantan Station.

Located about a 10 minute walk from Taipei Main Station, Ximending is accessible with a short ride on Taipei MRT to the MRT Ximen Station. Ximending is filled with all kinds of shopping options, from department stores to shops and stalls. The area is also filled with a number of dining options, from “Ya Rou Bian” for tasty duck noodles, “Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodles” for oyster thin noodles, “Simonfood Tempura” for Taiwanese style tempura, and “Lautianlu” for stewed and braised food.

How to go to Ximending?
Take Taipei MRT Bannan Blue Line to MRT Ximen Station.

Beitou Hot Spring
Located in Beitou District, Beitou Hot Spring can be simply be accessed by taking a short ride on Taipei MRT Xinbeitou Line. With the convenience in transportation, Beitou Hot Spring is favored by both local and international visitors. Beitou area was first settled by the Ketagalan indigenous, with major hot spring features later established by the Japanese during the period of Japanese occupation. Other than experience a soothing hot spring bath at Beitou Hot Spring hotels and bathhouses, Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Beitou Library, Beitou Geothermal Valley, Taiwan Folk Arts Museum and Ketagalan Culture Center are worth-seeing stops for your trip to Beitou.

How to go to Beitou Hot Spring?
Take Taipei MRT Danshui Red Line to MRT Beitou Station. From there, take MRT Xinbeitou Line to MRT Xinbeitou Station.
Alishan, located in Chiayi County in southern Taiwan, is about 3-3.5 hours drive from Sun Moon Lake Area. Alishan is a nature preserve with an area of 415 km2, famed for extraordinary landscapes, aboriginal cultures, waterfalls, high mountain tea, wasabi (green mustard root), fireflies, and unparalleled beauties such as sea of clouds, sunset and sunrise sceneries, making it a must-see for your Taiwan travel. Alishan spans a broad range in altitude with its towns on the lower elevations sharing the same subtropical and tropical climate as the rest of southern Taiwan, and temperate and alpine as the elevation increase. Slow down your pace, plan a few days at Alishan to discover the nature beauties of the area, and enjoy a truly incredible experience on the Alishan Forest Railway from Alishan Train Station to Zhaoping and Alishan Sacred Tree. Alishan Forest Railway is one of the world’s three remaining forest railways.

Today, with Yuanlin Bus connecting Sun Moon Lake and Alishan, travelers may simply visit these two wonderful Taiwan tourist stops without trouble. The whole trip takes about 3-3.5hrs.

Yuanlin Bus #6739
Bus Fare: TWD 307/passenger/way
From Sun Moon Lake to Alishan: 07:00 & 09:00
From Alishan to Sun Moon Lake: 13:00 & 14:00
By taking Sun Moon Lake-Alishan direct bus, you will be able to see some attractions along the way include Tataja, Zhizhong Sacred Tree, Husband & Wife Tree, and Xinyimei Village. The bus will make a brief stop at these attractions.

Please visit the official web site of Yuanlin Bus for more information on bus schedule.

Book your Sun Moon Lake and Alishan hotels today and get ready to discover the spectacular beauties of Taiwan!