Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland-
Hong Kong Disneyland is owned and managed by the Hong Kong International Theme Parks, an incorporated company jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company and the Government of Hong Kong. The fifth Disneyland style park, Hong Kong Disneyland, grand opened to visitors on September 12, 2005. The park consists of three themed lands similar to other Disneyland parks projects, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. The classic Disney theme, It's A Small World, will open on 28 April 2008. Furthermore, Bill Ernest, the executive vice president and managing director of Hong Kong Disneyland, declared the park is planning to add two more theme lands in its future. The occupying land will reach the maximum of 100 acres at that time. The theme park's staff can communicate in English and Chinese. Guide Maps are printed in Chinese, Japanese and English to ensure that everyone has a wonderful day.
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