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Taichung City ─ Guguan Recreation Area
Guguan Recreation Area-
Guguan, meaning “valley’s pass”, is one of the popular tourist spots along the Central Cross-Island Highway. Its main attraction is none other than the hot spring resorts. Longgu (Dragon Valley) is a charming natural scenic spot in Guguan area. The road along the mountain slope leading to Guguan is winding and steep. You can also drop by the Techi Hydroelectric Power Dam in Dajia River built in 1972 by the Taiwan Power Company.

Arriving at Guguan, after crossing a suspension bridge, you are in Dragon Valley’s Natural Tourist Area. Hiking on the mountain trail, you will enjoy the cool breeze and the fresh air. Dragon Valley Waterfall is at the end of the road. In summer, the water level is high and it cascades down 80 meters from the mountain with roar of water and clouds of mist. It is spatacular in its utmost splendor.

After the tour, you can purchase the souvenir and local flavor food from the shops along the main road. If you go towards the Li Shan direction, you will see some unique geologic formation of the valley. It is worth getting off the car to take a look at this rare geological make-up. Drivers must be cautious when going on these steep mountain roads.

If you have some time left, you can drop by the 2,400 meters high Pahsien (Eight Fairies) Mountain Forest Recreation Area. It is only one km from Guguan on your way back to Taichung. This would be a perfect plan for one-day trip.

Heping Township, Taichung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

opening hours:

Guguan Tourist Center
Tel: +886-04-25951496

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By car:
Guguan is 47.8 km west of Fungyuan Town along the Central Cross-island Highway.
Take Fengyuan Interchange of National Highway No.1 to Fengyuan town.
Then, take the provincial No 3 to Tungshih and connect to Central Cross-island Highway ((Provincial highway 8 )->Guguan

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