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Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season

Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season Events

2015 Taipei and New Taipei City Cherry Blossom Festivals

Photo by xcatx
Photo by xcatx
Every year from February till April around the Spring Festival time, cherry trees are expected to be in full bloom and all the flower viewing spots will be pack with the tourists. According to cherry blossom forecast, as the cold and humid weather of this winter, the cherry blossom season may come earlier than expected. The cherry trees were expected in full bloom by end of January in Yanmingshan National Park, Tamsui District, Sanzhi District, and Wulai District, which add a romantic hue to the mountains and cities.

As the cherry blossom viewing has become a popular activity in Taiwan, this year Taipei City and New Taipei City Government official website also list out the cherry blossom report & cherry blooming forecast in details for the tourist to plan their cherry blossom viewing accordingly. Furthermore, many relevant activities will be collaborated with the Cherry Blossom Festival. This year New Taipei City also launched a new location for cherry blossom viewing in Wulai District for the tourist to plan a day trip not only appreciating the romantic view but also enjoy the hot springs as Wulai is a famous geothermal spot and also try out all the local delicacies. For more cherry blossom report & cherry blooming forecast 2015 -http://flowers.taipei.gov.tw/Sakura/ (currently only available in Chinese)

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Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season