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Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season

Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season Events

Sakura Festival in Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Photo by Bruce
Photo by Bruce
by Leon Tsai
The annual Sakura Festival started in 2001. After being the first and only Japan certified cherry blossom location outside of Japan in 2013, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is offering more for the “sakura” lovers. This year starting from Jan 31th, over 3000 cherry trees including Kwanzan, Fuji, Taiwan Cherry are coating the theme park into the new spring pink. The Sakura Festival will even begin night tours with lights and music to spice up the beauty of these lovely cherry trees. The whole festival will continue through to the mid of March.
Sakura Festival organized a series of events for the cherry blossoming, such as performances and light shows. The indigenous themed performances and wedding parades will take place on the afternoon during the festival. Aside from Chinese New Year Holidays, the ticket will be TWD 580, children TWD 390, afternoon entrance TWD 450, and night ticket TWD 390. The rides and gondola will extend the closing hour until 7 pm, and the Sun Moon Lake Gondola closed at 5:30 pm. On February, the cherry blossom time will extend until 6 to 8 pm.

There are several promotions for the Sakura Festival. Dressing in kimonos shall receive buy one and get one free ticket discount. Uploading photos of cherry blossoms and liking on facebook will receive a 50% off discount on the kimono rental on the spot. Uploading any pictures related to the cherry blossoms in Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village, the guest shall receive a limited small souvenir present. The Sakura Festival will be open to the newlyweds for photo shooting. 30 sets of omamori (lucky charm) will be given out to guests who attended celebration ceremony. Other activities like articles writing, photography, painting and music performances also welcomes sakura lovers to participate.
If the Sakura Festival is not enough, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village offers more floral events from Mar 16th to Apr 30th with over 10 thousand lavender in the European Garden. More concerts, performances on the way following the Sakura Festival. It‘s a great opportunity to admire some of the beautiful flowers with the whole family in a theme park with rides for children.

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Taiwan Cherry Blossom Season