Situated near Kaohsiung Harbor and KRT City Council Station, Grand Hi-Lai Hotel Kaohsiung boasts picturesque harbor views and easy access to popular Kaohsiung attractions such as Formosa Boulevard Station, Love River, Sizih Bay, Urban Spotlight, and many others for your Kaohsiung travel. Urban Spotlight is a vivid passage designed by eight artists in 2001 with artworks sparkling in dark, Love River is a twelve-kilometer long river that features beautiful river sceneries and romantic coffee shops along the riverbanks, Formosa Boulevard Station is currently the largest round-shaped station in the world with the fabulous artwork-Dome of Light, which is the largest single glass artistic production in the world, and Sizih Bay is a sandy beach with beautiful coral formations on the coastlines offering delightful sceneries. The excellent location and ease of transportation makes this hotel a perfect stay for your Taiwan travel.

No rooms available for Grand Hi-Lai Hotel.
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