Full Moon SPA offers modern hot spring accommodations on Wulai Old Street area with many Wulai food stalls and beautiful attractions nearby. The hotel is the home to delightful hot spring features and comfy lodgings designed with warm hues and interiors to provide a serene hot spring environment for you to rejuvenate. Slow down your pace, and discover the precious forests, rivers, and hot springs for your Wulai holiday. Do not forget to sample some of the mouth-watering aboriginal delicacies along Wulai Old Street to fulfill your taste buds, take a forest bath at Neidong Forest Recreation Area, appreciate magnificent sceneries of majestic Wulai Waterfall, as well as the fun taking a cable car ride overlooking the waterfall. Indulge yourself in a world of relaxations and peacefulness. Come and savor hot spring baths at the Full Moon SPA Wulai for a remarkable Taiwan travel.

No rooms available for Full Moon Spa.
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