Wemeet Boutique Hotel is located in the prosperous area of the Taichung city and offers a great ease to this vitalized and eternally exciting city, including National Museum of Natural Science, Feng Jia Night Market, Jingming 1st Street, Yizhong Street Business District, Stock 20 Art Gallery, Miyahara Eye Hospital, and Taichung Park. It also offers great ease in accessing the city’s transportation links, such as the cluster of bus-stops along Taiwan Boulevard, Taichung THSR Station about 25 minutes drive away and the Taichung Train Station within a walking distance for guests to visit other Taichung attractions or other Taiwan destinations without difficulty. Nicely located in the heart of Taichung, Wemeet Boutique Hotel is a wonderful lodging for guests to discover the city’s beauties, cultures, and local lifestyles.

No rooms available for Wemeet Boutique Hotel.
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