Cedarwood Villa provides a relaxing and unwind living environment with thoughtful amenities for guests to enjoy a good memorable value. With a perfect location surrounded by natural beauty and lush green mountainsides, this hot spring hotel offers a tranquil retreat with breathtaking views for you to get a good soak during the holidays and let the steaming hot water soothe away all the stress of the daily grind in the cities. In addition to diving into the comfort of the luxurious hotel’s features, the hotel also has great ease for you to access to Chingan Old Street, walking trails nearby, a golf course and other Miaoli attractions. And for those that want to experience spectacular National Parks, Cedarwood Villa is bordered by Sheipa National Park to the northeast for an unparallel view of Holy Ridge Trail and Syuejian Ecotourism.

Note: Public hot spring area is currently under renovation. It will reopen in November.

No rooms available for Cedarwood Villa.
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