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Taiwan Amusement Parks for Your 2012 Summer- Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Taichung & Taipei

By TravelKing
UpdatedUpdated May, 3, 2012
Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village

Event: 2013 Taiwan National Day Fireworks
Date: 2013/09/28, 2013/10/05 & 2013/10/10
Location: East District of Hsinchu, Sea-mount (Hai-Shan) fishing port, Hsinchu City, and Touqian Riverside or Nanliao, Hsinchu (tentative date)

2013 Taiwan National Day fireworks will be taking place in Hsinchu for the first time!

Hsinchu, located in western Taiwan, is the heart of Taiwan high-tech industry, and also an excellent Taiwan destination for diverse old-time flavors, cultures and histories. 2013 Taiwan National Day is planned to be showcased at Nanliao Pier in the evening of 2013 Taiwan National Day on October 10th, 2013, designed with the theme- “working together as one for the glory of the nation”.

Other than making a visit to Hsinchu for the 2013 Taiwan National Day Fireworks Display, you may also want to plan an extra day or two to discover the mesmerizing splendors of this Taiwan city in depth for your Taiwan travel.

Day 1: Hsinchu Science Park -> Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple -> Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple snacks -> Hsinchu East Gate -> Hsinchu City Canal ->Hsinchu Hotel

Day 2: Taiwan Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai Expo -> Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area -> Nanliao Port (tentative venue of 2013 Taiwan National Day Fireworks in Hsinchu)

Janfusun Fancyworld Theme Park

Janfusun Fancyworld Theme Park

Yamay Recreation World

Yamay Recreation World

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