LUCY Promoting the Streets of Taipei

By TravelKing, TravelKing 發佈日期Updated: 2016/6/3
The event has ended this year.
Scarlett Johansson kicking drug dealer’s butt in Taipei
Night view of the streets by Proboss Chen

Night view of the streets by Proboss Chen

Taipei 101, Yongle Market, Taipei Railway Workshop, Tri-Service General Hospital and streets of Taipei City, these scenes are not from any documentary or traveling film, but the latest action thriller “Lucy”. Luc Besson, French director, was fascinated by the people and environment in Taiwan ten years ago when he was promoting his movie “The Fifth Element”. He wanted the movie “Lucy” to be set in a quick paced city in Asia, other Asia city was considered but he eventually chose Taipei because there is no better place in the world according to the director.
Lucy, played by Scarlett Johansson, a foreign student in Taipei was caught up in a drug-mule deal who gained powers after the package in her stomach starts to leak. Lucy’s brain unlocks unimaginable changes to her body resulting from the leakage and turns the table against her captors. Lucy spent around 90 minutes in the film wandering through the streets of Taipei. From a direct shot at the Taipei 101 in the beginning of the movie to underground passage in Taipei, the locations includes The Regent Hotel, Club Myst, and Dadaocheng. The scenes were neatly shot presenting the actual atmosphere of the location, promoting Taiwan internationally.
Catch the latest Luc Besson’s film “Lucy” out on Aug. 20th, 2014 in the theaters near you. Please keep in mind the drug dealers and actions may not take place in the actual location, but it is still fun to visit and safe.