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Jiaoxi Hot Spring Festival

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UpdatedUpdated December, 2, 2016
The event has ended this year.
Jiaoxi Hot Spring starting from December 3rd invites you to a weekly festival of performance, concert, and hot soothing experience until the first of 2017!
Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park

Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park

Originally called Yilan Hot Spring Festival, Jiaoxi Hot Spring invites you to a hot spring sensation in Jiaoxi, Yilan. Starting from December 3rd, the festival organized performances, concerts, and many activities each weekend to celebrate all the way until the first day of 2017.

The festival is installed with little Japanese festival elements and focus more on the atmosphere, experience of the celebration. By combining the local features into art, music, there’s even a theme song made just for the event.
Aside from the main festival, participating activities are designed for guest to attend to experience the local traditional praising and make your own rice dumplings.

※ 2016 Jiaoxi Hot Spring Festival
Place:Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park

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