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Wanjin Christmas Festival lights up on December 15

By TravelKing | TravelKing
UpdatedUpdated November, 23, 2016
The event has ended this year.
The 2016 Wanjin Christmas Festival will start on December 15th. In addition to the exciting Christmas musical light show, there are picnic, Christmas market and other festive activities. Visit Pingtung this Christmas for the joyful events!
Wanjin Christmas Festival photo by Tz

Wanjin Christmas Festival photo by Tz

Every December, Wanjin Catholic Church will launch Christmas activities, and the Christmas lighting ceremony is definitely one of the highlights of Christmas. All households and main roads from the Wanjin Catholic Church to the Village of Wanjin and the nearby Village of Chishan are decorated with Christmas decorations including Christmas mangers made by the villagers and colorful lights.

Wanjin Christmas Festival photo by Eva

Wanjin Christmas Festival photo by Eva

The annual Pingtung Wanjin Christmas Festival will start on December 15th this year. With many joyous activities, visitors are guaranteed the most pleasant Christmas season. There will be coffee roasting competition on December 8th and 9th, Christmas tree creative decorating contest from December 15th to 24th, while the opening ceremony lighting will be on December 15th. Following the lighting ceremony, the picnic, Christmas market, concerts, Christmas feast and dancing competition will take place on the 17th and 18th. There will also be Christmas market, concert and party on the Christmas Eve.

2016 Wanjin Christmas Festival
Time: 2016/12/15(Thu)-2016/12/24(Sat)
Location: Wanjin Catholic Church, Chih-Shan Elementary School, Taiwan Jinshi Coffee Leisure Farm
Musical light show (every 30 minutes): 12/17(Sat) and 12/18(Sun) 18:00-22:00, 12/24(Sat) 18:00-23:50 at Wanjin Catholic Church.
Christmas market: 12/17(Sat), 12/18(Sun) and 12/24(Sat) 14:00-22:00 at Chih-Shan Elementary School

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