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Cingjing Flower Celebration

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UpdatedUpdated December, 14, 2016
The event has ended this year.
Cinjing will be welcoming winter with night glow lilies, roses and tulips. Guest may now enjoy the natural sceneries during the day and the winter celebration during the night with night glow flowers and water dance performances.
provided by Cingjing Farm

provided by Cingjing Farm

Cingjing Flower Celebration is a continue celebration of the Torch Festival starting from October 10th. The annual winter celebration is based on the snow season up on the mountains. This year, Cingjing Farm, Mist Plaza and Swiss Garden invite you to a flower celebration to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017.

The night glow flower decoration last year was a success. This year Mist Plaza and Swiss Garden is joining the decoration with night glowing lilies, roses and tulips to present the most romantic holiday spirit.

provided by Cingjing Farm

provided by Cingjing Farm

Swiss Garden will be welcoming the guests with night glowing wisterias at the entrance followed a series of Christmas decoration and lighting. The windmills, corridors, and gardens are now decorated with night glowing decorations. Guest may now enjoy the natural sceneries during the day and night glowing decoration during the night. Peonies and lavenders exhibition will be joining the celebration starting in December.
Mist Plaza has installed Christmas and New Year theme decorations. The flower lighting at the parking lot has become the highlight of the celebration. A blue LED and night glow castle is now the photo hot spot. It is the best place to catch the holiday spirit as well as taking satisfying pictures.

◎Date: 2016/11/1(Tue) – 2017/2/28 (Tue)
◎Location:Cingjing, Mist Plaza, Swiss Garden

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