Yilan Attractions
Wulaokeng Scenic Area

Yilan Attractions

Wulaokeng Scenic Area

/ 陳銘祥

Located at the boundary of Tungshan Village and Suao Town, Wulaokeng Scenic Area offers plenty of recreational and relaxation activities. There are tracking and bird observation in the dense woodland; prawn catching, fishing, and swimming in the rivers. Also, there are barbecues and camping at the well-maintained campsites fit for 5,000 campers.


By car :
From Yilan, take the No 9 Provincial Route southward to Wulaoken Bridge and then make a right turn, you will reach the parking lot.

By bus :
From Yilan or Luodong, take the Taichi Express Bus bound for Nan Fang-oa and alight at Wulaoken.
Go in from the Wulaoken Bridge to the resort center.

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