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National Museum of Prehistory & Peinan Culture Park

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National Museum of Prehistory & Peinan Culture Park

/ 老山羊部落格

Spanning a large area over 18 hectares in Taitung City, Taiwan, the National Museum of Prehistory (NMP) together with the Peinan Culture Park are Taiwan’s first and also the most complete world-class museum and site of archaeology that represent Peinan culture. Peinan Culture Park has been built up around the prehistoric site, allowing visitors to view the excavation work in progress, while the National Museum of Prehistory is set a short distance away from the site.

The founding of Peinan Site and large-scale of prehistoric remains were revealed during the construction of the current Taitung Station (Peinan Railway Station) in July, 1980. The establishment of the National Museum of Prehistory was called to preserve these precious prehistoric remains dated from the middle to late period of the Neolithic Age, spanning a period from 5,300 to 2,300 years ago. The museum officially opened on August 17th, 2002, after 11 years of planning. It displays models and real-sized scenes simulating the lives of Peinan rituals and customs, including burials in slate coffins, jewelry making, and tooth extraction, as well as prehistoric cultures of other indigenous people of Taiwan.

Established at the old Peinan Site, this prehistoric site of Peinan Culture Park excavated more than 1,500 tombs, and significant quantity of clay vessels, pottery, stone implements, relics, along with great-scale of slat coffins found in Southeast Asia and the Pan-Pacific Ocean that unveil Taiwan’s prehistoric cultures.

Many ceramic vessels and jade relics in different patterns and styles with various totems have been found within the tombs, which reflect the social gaps that may have existed in the past. Another principal showing the Peinan Culture is that the tombs were found lying in a northeastern-southwestern direction buried close to their homes or in the neighborhood. The excavated remains of stone axes, knives, and pestles also tell the story of Peinan Culture that the people have made their living based through hunting and farming.

The National Museum of Prehistory and Peinan Culture Park provide an excellent place for one to learn about Taiwan’s prehistoric history and culture.

Please visit the official web site of the National Museum of Prehistory for more information.

opening hours:

Opening hours:
Tue.-Sun. 09:00-17:00
(Closed on Monday, Chinese New Year’s Even and New Year’s Day except national holidays & Election Day)

additional activities:

Guided Tours in Mandarin: 09:30/10: 30/14: 30/15: 30
Guided Tours in English and Japanese available upon reservation in advance.

expenditure brief:

Admission Fees:
twd 80

Group Ticket:
twd 60 for more than 10 people

Discount Ticket:
twd 50 for students, veterans, retired officials, children over 120 cm, and Taitung citizens with valid identification.

Free of charge:
1.Elderly aged over 65 with valid identification
2.Children under 120cm
3.People with disability and 1 accompany.
4.Teachers with valid identification
5.Student day on Wednesdays.


By Train:
The National Museum of Prehistory:
Take train to Taitung Kangle Railway Station (台東康樂車站), the museum is about 750 meters/9 minute walk away from the train station on Museum Rd (博物館路).

Peinan Culture Park:
Take train to Taitung Railway Station, the park is about 1.5km/20 minute walk away.

By plane:
Take plane to Taitung Airport (台東航空站), from there take a taxi to the museum and park. The park is about 5.5 kilometers away, while the museum is about 1 kilometer away.

Drive on your own:
1. Chihshang (池上) -> Guanshan (關山) -> Chulu (初鹿) -> (Binlan) Petroleum Station (檳榔)加油站 -> East 37 County Road (東37縣道) -> Zhongxing Road (中興路) -> Yong Fung Yu Paper Factory (永豐餘紙廠) ->National Museum of Prehistory & Peinan Culture Park (國立台灣史前文化博物館)

2. Shoufeng(壽豐) →Fengbin (豐濱)→ Changbin (長濱) → Donghe (東河) → Taitung City(台東市)→ Zhonghua Bridge(中華大橋右轉) →Mahengheng Blvd., (馬亨亨大道) →Zhongxing(中興路) →Yong Fung Yu Paper Factory (永豐餘紙廠右轉) →National Museum of Prehistory & Peinan Culture Park (國立台灣史前文化博物館)

3. Dawu (大武) -> Taimali (太麻里) -> Jhihben (知本) -> No. 9 Provincial Highway -> Huanyeh Petroleum Station (荒野加油站) -> Chinghai road (青海路) -> Zhongxing Road (中興路) -> Yong Fung Yu Paper Factory (永豐餘紙廠右轉) →National Museum of Prehistory & Peinan Culture Park (國立台灣史前文化博物館)

4. Dawu (大武) -> Taimali (太麻里) -> New Jhihben Bridge (新知本橋) -> Zhonghua Road (中華路) -> Hanyang Road (漢陽路) -> Zhengyi N. Rd. (正義北路) -> Minghang Road (民航路) -> Zhongxing(中興路) →Yong Fung Yu Paper Factory (永豐餘紙廠右轉) →National Museum of Prehistory & Peinan Culture Park (國立台灣史前文化博物館)

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