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Nanjichang Night Market

/ Kavin

Nanjichang Night Market is located in Wanhua, Taipei. Comparing to the larger night market in Taipei like Shiling or Laohe Night Market, Nanjichang is a lot smaller and the reputation has not reached foreign travelers. But the delicious food is definitely in competition with the other renowned night market. It is a local night market hidden in Wanhua serving the locals for many years. The name Nanjichang literally means “south airport” in Chinese. Back in the Japanese colonial period when the nearby Youth Park was an actual military airport, and the location in the southern Taipei corresponding with the Songshan Airport in the north, thus the name “south airport” Nanjichang. As the population grew after the retirement of the airport, the night market picked up the name and became an wonderful local night market.

Though it is called Nanjichang Night Market, but the food is provided even during the day, an unorthodox all day “night” market. It is still the busiest during night time, when most of the vendors still prefer to come out in the evening. Nanjichang Night Market offers good food and in cheap price. It is one of the rare budget friendly night markets you can still find in Taipei. Nanjichang’s most popular food includes dumplings, fried oyster omelet, taro shaved ice, friend chicken and stinky tofu.

Wanhua is an old part of Taipei, which offers many night markets with history. If Nanjichang is too small for you, the Wanhua Night Market or known as the famous Huaxi St. Night Market near Longshan Temple is definitely worth visiting. It was once the most prosperous part of Taipei in the past, now a night market with historical meaning and interesting old streets.
Leon Tsai

night market food:

Lai Lai Dumplings, Yongkang Taro King, Steamed Stinky Tofu, Zhong Clay Oven Roll

opening hours:



By Car
From Highway no.3
Exit on Zhonghe Interchange
Take Zhongzheng Rd.
Turn right on Sec.2 Sanmin Rd.
Then Sec.2 Zhongshan Rd.
Turn right on Xizang Rd.
Turn right on no.315 Lane

By Bus
No.205, 212,249,253 get off at Shaanli Stop (廈安里)
No.12,204,205,212 get off at Nanjichang Gongyu Stop (南機場公寓)

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Wanhua Mongjia Longshan Temple
Qingshui Temple
Huaxi St. Night Market
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