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Jingmei Night Market

/ 陳皮梅

Jingmei Night Market is located in Wenshan District, the southern part of Taipei. The whole night market area is not fairly big. It only covers from Muzha Road to Jingzhong Street, but it is the heaviest food source for the locals. The night market is right by the Jingmei MRT Station, so stopping by for a quick meal or visit by tourists has gradually become more and more popular.

During the day time, Jingmei Public Market opens at the same location, a traditional Chinese market where the local do their shopping. Then the night market takes over around the evening. It’s an old local night market which has been serving the locals for over 30 years. From food, clothes, hard wares, even games, you can find everything in this exquisite night market.

Jingmei Night Market is a local night market, which gathered hundreds of vendors from main dishes, snacks, desserts and restaurants. It is also where most of the students from the nearby Shih Hsin University handle their meals. Jingmei Night Market is known for Shanghai steamed buns, vermicelli, tofu pudding, saltwater chicken, glutinous rice, four flavored soup and barbecue. The popular among students are the pastas and teppanyaki. All the food is within reasonable price, allowing students to dine here or take out within budget. The vendors in the night markets closes around 11 pm, but there are a few restaurants and vendors open until 2 in the morning.

Leon Tsai

night market food:

Shanghai pan-fried bun, four flavored soup and glutinous rice, Cheng’s Barbecue, Goose Noodle

opening hours:



By Car
From Highway no.3
Exit on Zhonghe Interchange
Take Jingping Rd.
Turn left onto Jingmei Bridge
Take Jingwen St. to night market

No.2 exit at Jingmei MRT Station

By Bus
Take no.251, 253, 660, 666, 915, Brown 2, Brown 6, Brown 12
To Jingmei Junior High School Stop
Walk 3 min to Jingmei St. to reach night market

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