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Shoushan Scenic Area

Kaohsiung Attractions

Shoushan Scenic Area

/ 老山羊部落格

Originally named Unicorn Mountain (Chiling Shan), Gold Burried Mountain (Maichin Shan), Beat-the-dog Mountain (Tagoa Shan) or Druming Mountain (Takoo Shan), Shoushan has the meaning of longevity mountain. Longevity Mountain (Shoushan) Scenic Area is situated near the coast of Kaohsiung. Up on the mountain, there are several attractions appealing the visitors from different areas, such as gardens, parks, temples, the Martyrs shrine, zoo etc. There are three entrances can access to the mountain. The south entrance is next to Shoushan Zoo. Walking along the pathway, visitors may find the limestone cave areas which feature magnificent crystals of stalagmites, milky stones and stone pillars. The Shoushan Zoo is also popular among families with children. It collects more than 100 species of rare and common animals from all over the world.

The other two are on the north end; one is by the parking lot next to Gushan Senior High School and the other is next Longcyuan Temple on Gushan 3rd Road which the most popular one. The north entrance is heading to Tzaishan Nature Park. The north area was military terrain and was opened to public until 1989; hence, Tzaishan retains complete and original eco environment, as well as Formosa Macaque Conservation Zone.

On December 6th, 2011, Shoushan National Nature Park officially opened to public, embracing Shoushan, Banpingshan Park, Gueishan, the old town area of Zuoying District, the Former British Consulate at Takao and Chiou Mountain; hence, Shoushan Scenic Area is now part of the park. The National Nature Park is established to protect and conserve a variety natural resources, wildlife, and historic site in Shoushan.



Drive on your own:
Gushan Road (鼓山路) ->Jinma Hotel (金馬賓館) -> Shifang Park/Stone Archway Park (公園石坊) -> make a right turn passing the stone archway -> Shoushan Scenic Area

By Bus:
Take Kaohsiung City Bus (高市公車) no. 3, 19, 31, 48, 88 to Wanshoushan Park (萬壽山公園) or Jinma Hotel (金馬賓館) stop.

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