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Sing Jhong Night Market

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Sing Jhong Night Market

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Sing Jhong Night Market is located in Linya Distrct, Kaohsiung right beside the heavy commercial area Sanduo. The shops and vendors gathered mostly on Wenheng Road. Day and night, this is where the locals and the people from Sanduo visit for good food. Around 50 years ago, the vendors settle near Siwei Road. When the department stores open one by one, the prosperity of this area tagged along. More and more clothes and food vendors moved to the current location for the crowds visiting to the department stores. And now, Sing Jhong Night Market is a small food paradise providing delicious snacks for locals and travelers.

There are currently around 70 vendors in the market. Some had opened over 40 years. Many of the customers are regulars to their favorite vendor like thick soup, lamb, eel noodle, steamed sandwich, liquorice guava and many more. The delicious food keeps having their customer coming back for more.

The whole area is busy commercial area including Sanduo Shopping District, SingZhong Night Market, Zhongxiao Night Market, Ziqiang Night Market, and Shinkuchan. It offers food, clothes and many places to shop. The new ecological friendly library and the tallest building 85 Sky Tower is also nearby, it’s all interesting places to visit while traveling in Kaohsiung.
Leon Tsai

night market food:

Now Thick Soup, Congee, Yiliu Lamb, Aliu Eel Noodle

opening hours:

11:00 - 23:00


By Public Transportation
Take red line to Sanduo Shopping District
Walk along Sanduo 3rd Road
Turn left on Wenheng 2nd Road

Take no.70, 100, red 16 and get off at SOGO Department Store
Night market is right ahead

By Car
Highway no.1 exit on Kaohsiung Interchange
Take Wuing Road
Turn right on Sanduo 1st Rd.
Proceed until Sanduo 3rd Rd.
Turn right on Wenheng 2nd Rd. to night market

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