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ZhongXiao Night Market

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ZhongXiao Night Market

/ 山景

ZhongXiao Night Market in Linya District, Kaohsiung, is an old night market with a history over 30 years old. Between SiWei 3rd Road and QingNian 1st Road, on ZhongXiao 2nd Road, ZhongXiao night Market is only 10 minute walk away from the Kaohsiung City Hall. It’s not a usual night market, the customers are the people working or living here. It is unlike other ordinary might market, ZhongXiao Night Market is actually a food market that opens from the morning and into the night. The market mostly providing food and snacks for the offices nearby or everyday needs in the neighborhood. In the afternoon is when the stalls started lining up and the actual night market will start serving the usual night market treats then. The unorthodox style of ZhongXiao Night Market was designated as one of the best example of night markets. It is also a popular market and night market among the locals.

In compare to other night markets, ZhongXiao Night Market has more restaurants since they started to serve the people early, when the food stalls only come out during the night. Some of the restaurants provide delicious fried rice, Taiwanese dishes. So exploring the restaurants for the good stuff is something very different from other night markets. The night market is close to other attractions like Kaohsiung City Music Hall, Urban Spotlight and the Heart of the Love River. Theses attractions are all worth visiting while in Kaohsiung.
Leon Tsai

opening hours:

Everyday from 8am – 12am


By Car
Take Highway no.1 exit on Kaohsiung Interchange
Take ZhongZhen 1s Road
Turn left on FuRen Road
Turn right on SiWei 1st Road proceed to SiWei 3rd Road
Unil you reach ZhongXiao 2nd Road.

Public Transportation
Take KRT from Kaosiung Railway Station
Get off at Sanduo Shopping District Station
Proceed ZhongShan Road
Turn right in SiWei 3rd Road

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