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Tahu Recreation Area

Yilan Attractions

Tahu Recreation Area

/ 大湖風景遊樂區 提供

Spreading over a 10 hectares land, Tahu Recreation Area offers some of the latest recreational facilities, centering on the Tahu (Big Lake) area. The facilities include parking lots, restaurants, coffee shops, paddle boats, bamboo rafts, wharf, arch-shape bridge, fruit farms, round-the-lake walkways, and many more.
The pier area offers a variety of water sports in summer, such as boating and rafting. It is also an attractive place for bird-watching because waterfowl birds and migratory birds usually take their rests there. The best time for boating on the lake is at dawn or dusk during spring or fall season. Embracing by the morning mist on the lake and sunset golden rays at dust are truly blissful experiences. Due to its natural environment, there are many Taiwanese animals around, such as black swans, ducks, pheasants, formosan rock-monkeys, Indian great hornbills, gibbons, wild boars, ect.
Tahu Recreation Area has spacious campsites on both sides of the riverbanks. The environment is quiet that make one submerged in nature.

opening hours:

Daily, 08:30-19:30
Tel: +886-3-9220561, +886-3-9228080

Restaurant opening hours: 10:00-21:00

expenditure brief:

Ticket: TWD 100, for visitors over age 5.
Ticket includes:
1. 30 minutes lake tour on bamboo rafts.
2. Get a free gift at the restaurant with the ticket.
3. Visitors who do not want to take the lake tour on bamboo rafts can exchange a TWD 50 drink at the restaurant.
4. Not apply for Group Visitors.

Group Ticket:
TWD 200/ person, including lake tour on bamboo rafts and eco tour with guide.

Other activities:
1. Clamming
TWD 150/ person
Group price: TWD 100/ person

2. Sky Lantern (for 4-6 people)
TWD 300/ lantern
Group price: TWD 250/ lantern

3. Rural DIY activities (reservation required)
TWD 200/ person
Group price: TWD 150/ person
Includes: Folk game brick collage, painting bamboo hat

4. Barbecue
Cleaning fee:
TWD 100/ person, for who bring their own ingredients and utensils
TWD 50/ person, for people reserving barbecue package


By car :
From Yilan Town, go on No. 9A Provincial Route passing Inner Yuanshan to Tahu Village.
Then, follow the road sign and left turn to Tahu’s direction. It is about 8 km from Yilan Town.

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