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Suao Cold Spring

Yilan Attractions

Suao Cold Spring

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The Suao Cold Spring is a truly rare natural spring with water at temperature at 22 °C below. This kind of unique springs is only in Italy and Taiwan. The water of Suao Cold Spring is odorless, clear and drinkable and contains sodium bicarbonate. The spring is located north of Suao Town, about 300 meters in front of the Suao Train Station, near Chungyuan Road and Nenchuan Road. The water is freezing cold on the first five minutes of dipping, but the body quickly warm up. Since the bubbles keeps popping up from the bottom, bathing in this spring water feels like bathing in sugar-free sodas. During Japanese's occupation, the Japanese found out the primary function of cold springs. Many have believed that skin diseases can be cured by bathing in this spring water, and Intestinal illnesses can be cured by drinking it. In addition, the marvelous water quality of Suao Cold Spring is good for making food and beverages. The famous "Goat Soup" is made from this water is the most popular item here. Moreover, the delicious dessert "Yokan" is also made from this water. Since this spring contains Co2, the earlier days' popular "Crystal Ball Soda" was also made from this spring water. Another cold spring in Suao is called Alishi Suao Cold Spring . It is a free public bathing area which divided into two sections for males and females. Even though the water is freezing cold, the cold spring will help urging blood circulation to work regularly and thoroughly. If you are going to Yilan, don't miss the chance to enjoy this amazing cold spring.
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By Public Transportation:
1. From Taipei, take the Northern Cross-island Route train or and get off at Suao Station.
2. From Yilan, take the bus bound for Nan Fang-ao or Suao and get off at Suao stop.

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