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Taoyuan Attractions

Taoyuan City ─ Longtan Pond Bike Lane
Longtan Pond Bike Lane-
Photo:Leon Tsai
Longtan Pond Bike Lane is abike lane finely organized around Lontan Pond in Taoyuan. Total length of 5.2 km from the Longtan Township into the rural sceneries, the bike lane is casual trail suitable for the whole family. The bike lane begins at Longyuan Rd. by the temple over the pond. Farm houses, ponds, and streams along the lane with the scenery changes throughout seasons. The bike lane is suitable for strolling as well, where it is possible to stretch out and connects with the other bike lanes in Longtan to continue your bike ride.

Bike Lane Route
Longyuan Rd. – Yenhuanhu Rd. – Manyuei Bridge – Yuantan Bridge – Yongan Bridge – Goxi – Gotung – Mingshen Rd.
Bike Retals available near Manyuei Bridge

Bike Lane Extensions
Shihmen Reservoir Bike Lane
Sanlin Bike Lane
Sankung bike Lane
Gaoyuan Village Bike Path

Taoyuan Attractions
Taoyuan offers a lot visit attractions like Shihmen Reservoir, Jiaobanshan Park, Zhuwei Harbor, Chiang Ching-Guo Mausoleum, Cihu, Daxi Old Street, Mt. Lala Natural Reserve and many more with local Taiwanese Haka Culture to be explored.
Leon Tsai
scenery features:

Casual bike lane from town to rural farms, the bike lane is suitable for strolling as well.

service facilities:

Bike rental available near Manyuei Bridge by the temple

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By Car
Highway no.1
Exit on Zhongli Interchange
Take no.113 County Road head south to Longtan
You will reach Longtan Pond

Taoyuan Hotels

Harazuru Hotel

Harazuru Hotel
Harazuru Hotel is a business hotel in Taoyuan offering …
Fm TWD 1,680