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Taoyuan City ─ Jiaobanshan Park
Jiaobanshan Park-
Also known as Fuxing Park, Jiaobanshan Park is located on the southwest side of Mt. Jiaoban. The beautiful scenery of Dahan Creek and Shimen Dam attracts the attention of tourists. Dozens of old maple trees in the park turns crimson red in the autumn. The park is also covered with tall old pine trees and plum trees, which blooms into beautiful pink carpet during the blossom season. The two giant banyan trees in the park were planted by Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang. The trees are a must visit in the park. There are stone steps below the park that leads to the shore of Dahan Creek or you can access to the Xikou Terrace on the opposite side via the suspension bridge.

Hoping to promote the artistic atmosphere of Jiaobanshan and bringing international art into Taiwan. The Taoyuan County Government invited 12 well-known sculptors from Taiwan, the United States, and Europe to design a sculpture park and public art education area in Jiaobanshan Park. It is the first world-class sculpture park in Taiwan. The creative sculptures blended in with the local landscape and promoted the tourism in this area.

Mr. Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang each respectively planted a banyan tree in October of 1950 in front of “Taizilou” (means the prince’s building in Chinese). After decades, the branches of trees tangles and hold each other after many years, like a couple affectionately holding each other; therefore it’s called “Embracing Couple” banyan trees. It is both historical and natural wonder, a must visit attraction in Jiaobanshan Park.
Leon Tsai
scenery features:

Jiaobanshan Park is known for beautiful maple trees, pine trees, and plum trees. The park changes its color throughout different season. The designed sculpture park corresponds with the natural scenery in harmony. And the local native culture awaits your exploration.

available parking areas:

Parking available on the white line aside of the road

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By Car
To reach Jiaobanshan, take National Freeway 3. After arriving at the Daxi Interchange, take Taiwan Provincial Highway 3, then Taiwan Provincial Highway 4, go straight on, and make a left turn when arriving at Puwei. Then proceed to the Taiwan Provincial Highway 7, go straight on to connect with the Northern Cross-Island Freeway, and then follow the road signs to Jiaobanshan.

By Bus
From Taoyuan Bus Station
Take the no.5090, 5104,5105,5106,5109
Getoff at Jiaobanshan Park

Take the Shiaowulai(小烏來) route Bus
Get off at jaiaobanshan Park

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