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Taoyuan City ─ Formosa Plastics Group Museum
Formosa Plastics Group Museum-
Photo:台塑企業文物館 提供
Formosa Plastics Group Museum is located within Chang Gung University. They are one of the largest and wealthiest local companies, focused mainly in plastic industry for over 50 years. The Museum is a six story cylinder structure building with cutting edge facilities storing every detail of the local legend. Formosa Plastics Group Museums presents historical documents in forms of pictures, videos, models and multi-media sharing them with the world vividly. The museum was founded in 2006 has been providing abundant educational information and stories to satisfy the curious local crowds. With the modern facilities and design is it also a great place to host a visit for foreign guests.

Plastic material may seem environmental unfriendly, but ecological usage of plastic is actually increasing significantly. Our everyday supplies some may not seem plastics but they contains plastic material such as DVD disk, clothes, golf gear, fishing rod, joint replacement even electronic chip and semiconductor. The plastic usage and production are introduced through easy interface in the museum on the third floor.
The Formosa Plastic Group was founded by the local legend Wang Yung-ching. He built the plastic empire bare handed became one of the wealthiest man in Taiwan. Mr. Wang is a billionaire and a philanthropist, besides business, he built hospital and schools. The stories of his life and the steps he took to build the empire are exhibited on the second floor, where it is designed in the old fashion style when they were selling rice before going into plastic.
On the fourth floor is where exhibition on energy sources and electronics are hold. Explaining thermal power, volcanic power, windmills and oil drilling, how these source generates power and the impacts on the environments.

Formosa Plastics Group Museum provides artifacts and exhibits more than this article can describe. Though it may not be a national museum but the showcases offered by the wealthiest family in Taiwan is definitely worth visiting. Aside from business exhibition, personal collections of rare artifact by the family are presented in the museum as well. The comfortable space and good exhibition, Formosa Plastics Group Museum is a great place to visit any afternoon.
Leon Tsai
scenery features:

Formosa Plastics Group Museum is a museum exhibiting the group’s product, stories and the family’s collections in a comfortable environment with cutting edge facilities.
Was once the wealthiest man in Taiwan, how Mr. Wang built the plastic empire always fascinates the crowds. Come witness the legend in person, you may be inspired somehow and becomes the next legend.

opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00 (Entrance closed at 16:30)
Close on Mondays, election days, Chinese New Year's Eve to the third day of Chinese New Year's holiday

service facilities:

“50 Years of Formosa Plastics Group” is played in the Briefing Room (20 min)
Guide Tours ( 9:00 / 10:30 / 13:30 / 15:00 ) 5-45 per/tour
Please make reservation 2 days advance via internet, fax or phone
For English or Japanese Guide, please make reservation 7 days advance

Formosa Plastics Group Museum
Contact number: 03-2118800 #3391

expenditure brief:

Free of charge
The above fees are for reference purposes only; actual costs are informed at the actual venue and we do NOT give any prior notice.

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By Car
Highway no.1 Exit on Linkou
Head for Guishan
Turn left on Zhiching Lake enter Chang Gung University

By Public Transportation
Take the Bus to Linkou Chang Gung Hospital
And take the transfer bus to Chang Gung University from the hospital

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