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Taoyuan City ─ Daxi Bike Lane
Daxi Bike Lane-
Daxi, Taoyuan known for the delicious tofu jerky, traditional old streets, mausoleum and beautiful Cihu, is a fine place for a causal bike ride. The bike lane starts from Daxi Mausoleum passing by farms, greenery and attractions like Zhuhow Old Mansion, Futian Farm, Dadao Museum, and Meiheshan Manor. It is a 2km bike lane but stretches when you connect it with the 5 km bike lane. Since Daxi is one of the most popular visits in Taoyuan, a relaxing bike ride through the historical sites and natural scenery is becoming more and more popular among travelers.

Daxi Bike Lane
Daxi Mausoleum - Zhuhow Old Mansion - Futian Farm - Dadao Museum - Meiheshan Manor
Attractions nearby
Daxi old Streets, Cihu, Daxi Mausoleum, Zhuhow Old Mansion, Futian Farm, Dadao Museum, Meiheshan Manor

About Daxi
Daxi is a place with historical attractions and natural sceneries. Cihu as one of the hot attraction sums up what Daxi is like. The Daxi Old Street offers traditional snacks, shops and local specialties as well as historical architecture. The toy store is probably the most fun shop, where visitors can experience some of the Chinese traditional toys on the spot.
Leon Tsai
scenery features:

A bike lane connecting the attractions in Daxi, where riding bikes casually is a fair way to explore the local natural and historical scenery.

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National Highway no.3
Exit on Daxi Interchange
Take Provincial Route no.3
Switch onto Provincial Route no.4
Take a left on 32.6k
Onto Provincial Route no.7

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