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BanQiao Night Market (NanYa Night Market)

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BanQiao Night Market is the largest night market in BanQiao, New Taipei. Located on the intersection of NanYa E. Rd. and NanYa S. Rd., it is also known as NanYa Night Market. BanQiao Night Market is a typical Taiwan night market which holds a reputation of delicious snacks. A funnel shape night market with the entrance wide and gradually narrows towards the center is always packed with people looking for good food. There is a 30 year old Chinese traditional arch at the entrance, which is now the feature and the landmark of the night market.

NanYa Night Market holds a reputation for the good food. It was given the name “Gourmet Paradise”. From the common stinky tofu, fried crabs, oyster dishes, barbecue to the more distinctive sesame oil chicken, vermicelli, black meat ball, and milk bottle popcorn. A long line always queued up in front of the stalls explains just how good the food are. The sesame oil chicken soup is the number one must try food, it’s been recommended by everyone who tried it. The oyster vermicelli here is famous for the quality and quantity. The black meat ball, which is Taiwanese meat ball, is steamed and not the regular fried you see everywhere else. With secret recipe sauce, the black meat ball stall brought customer coming back over and over. And for dessert, the opium tapioca pearls served with shaved ice is especially great during hot days. The ingredient does not contain any opium; the name opium came from the deliciousness and addicting sensation that will get you coming back for more. There is always a long line up at the milk bottle popcorn, if you don’t mind the wait, it is recommended by many as well.

BanQiao Night Market is more of a local night market than tourist night market. It may be very crowded and lack of directions in the night market. But it would make an ideal stop if you’re looking for some good night snacks or wish to experience the local Taiwan.
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night market food:

Banqiao Xiaolongbao, Banqiao Wang Sesame Oil Chicken, Knight Fried Cheese Roll, Garage Stinky Tofu, Oyster House

opening hours:

Open all year
16:00 to 01:00


By Car
Take Highway no.1 exit on Wugu head for HsinZhuang
Take HsinWu rd. then switch to ZhongShan rd.
Turn right on ShiYuan Rd.
Pass DaHan Bridge
Proceed on MinShen Rd. you will see the might market

Take Highway no. 3 and exit at ZhongHe/BanQiao Interchange.
Take ZhongZheng Road and turn left at Expressway 2.
Drive along Minzu Road and turn left at ZhongShan Road
Turn right at Guanqian West Road
And head for to the intersection with NanYa East Road.

By Bus
Take no. 51, 99, 840, 848, 889, 932 bus and get off at BanQiao Night Market.

Take the Bannan Line and get off at Fuzhong Station. Get out of the station at Exit 1. Follow XiMin Boulivard and turn right on NanYa E. Road.

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