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Sanfong Jhong Street

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Sanfong Jhong Street

/ 吳福壽

Kaohsiung Sanfong Jhong Street or Sanfong Central Street is located in Sanmin District near the Sanfong Temple, which the Sanfong Street got its name from. Sanfong Jong Street is about 400 meters long with more than 100 shops. It has been century old since Qing Dynasty, and it used to be a main street imported exotic foreign goods. Now it is still a largest groceries wholesale market in Kaohsiung.

After three years renovation with new interior and exterior décor, it was transformed into a vibrant and modern appearance. By adding many new shops, you can find variety grocery items you need from northern to southern dry goods, seafood, poultry sundried products, tea leaves, Chinese herb, confectionary, and many more. You can get a great deal from the wholesale grocery distributors here, so people who are in the catering and restaurant business comes here to do their shopping.

Sanfong Jhong Street is also a major street to sell Chinese New Year supplies around the Chinese New Year time. With the new makeover of the Sanfong Jhong Street, the market now is under the roof, so the shoppers no longer need to worry about getting wet from rain or chilling in cold weather to do outdoor Chinese New Year Shopping.


By Car
National Highway 1->Zhongzheng Rd towards Zhongzheng 4th Rd.->Zhonghua 3rd Rd.->right turn on Jianguo Rd.->Sanfong Jhong Street

R11 Kaohsiung Main Station

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