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Hsinchu County ─ Dabajianshan (Dabajian Mountain)
Dabajianshan (Dabajian Mountain)-
Dabajianshan ( Dabajian Mountain) is located on the boundary of Miaoli and Hsinchu County. Stood isolated from the other mountains at 3,505 meter high, the mountain is renowned for its unique contour. The peak is round and level while the body is broad. It is a mountain consisted of hard sandy stones. Under the strong wind erosion, the two main peaks, Daba (Big) and Shiaoba (Small), became giant rock formation thrusting upwards and is referred as “Century’s Unique Peaks” by the Taiwan climbers. It is designated into Shei-Pa National Park.

Dabajianshan was believed to be the holy sacred ground by the Atayal and Saisiyat native tribes. Reaching the top of the mountain was forbidden by the locals, not until the Japanese conquered the peak in 1927. But tales was told the taste of the spring from the mountain was never the same wine-like as it was. With high altitude, the scenery crosses through four environmental zones along the way up. The stunning mountain views and the beautiful natural habitat, Dabajianshan is the holy grail for Taiwan mountain climbing.

This unusual looking mountain is one of the 100 Top Taiwan Mountains. Dabajianshan can be very adventurous for extreme climbing and can be very easy for casual hiking, both with excellent mountain sceneries and abundant nature to explore.
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scenery features:

Dabajianshan is one of the most distinctive peaks in Taiwan, with two giant rocks thrusting up towards the sky. Dabajianshan provides adventures for extreme climbers and easy trip for casual hikers, both with excellent mountain sceneries and rich nature to explore.

opening hours:

Open Hour
Wensui Tourist Center 09:00 am-04:30 pm
Wulin Tourist Center 09:00 am-04:30 pm
Close on Mondays and the day after a holiday

Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters
Contact Number: 037-996100

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By Car
Highway no.1 Southbound or Northbound, exit at the Hsinchu Highway Interchange and go along No 122 County Route to Dabajianshan.

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