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2013 Taiwan National Day Fireworks to be showcased in Hsinchu

Fireworks (photo by Proboss)
Fireworks (photo by Proboss)
Event: 2013 Taiwan National Day Fireworks
Date: 2013/09/28, 2013/10/05 & 2013/10/10
Location: East District of Hsinchu, Sea-mount (Hai-Shan) fishing port, Hsinchu City, and Touqian Riverside or Nanliao, Hsinchu (tentative date)

2013 Taiwan National Day fireworks will be taking place in Hsinchu for the first time!

Hsinchu, located in western Taiwan, is the heart of Taiwan high-tech industry, and also an excellent Taiwan destination for diverse old-time flavors, cultures and histories. 2013 Taiwan National Day is planned to be showcased at Nanliao Pier in the evening of 2013 Taiwan National Day on October 10th, 2013, designed with the theme- “working together as one for the glory of the nation”.

Other than making a visit to Hsinchu for the 2013 Taiwan National Day Fireworks Display, you may also want to plan an extra day or two to discover the mesmerizing splendors of this Taiwan city in depth for your Taiwan travel.

Day 1: Hsinchu Science Park -> Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple -> Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple snacks -> Hsinchu East Gate -> Hsinchu City Canal ->Hsinchu Hotel

Day 2: Taiwan Pavilion of 2010 Shanghai Expo -> Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area -> Nanliao Port (tentative venue of 2013 Taiwan National Day Fireworks in Hsinchu)
Taiwan Pavilion from Shanghai Expo 2010 (photo by Kate)
Taiwan Pavilion from Shanghai Expo 2010 (photo by Kate)
Hsinchu is just about a 40 minute ride from the Taoyuan International Airport, where international travelers may access easily either for a business or leisure trip. Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) is one of Taiwan’s top science parks that have tremendous impacts of Taiwan’s economy and also one of the world’s most essential areas for semiconductor manufacturing. D-Link, Logitech, MediaTek, Phlips, Realtek, TSMC, and ZyXel are some of the internationally-known companies here in the Hsience Science Park. 

Other than seeing the high-tech industry of Taiwan, travelers should not miss mouth-watering Hsinchu snacks that can be found at the Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple Night Market. Pork Meatballs, Rice Vermicelli, Steamed Cake, Taiwanese Spring Rolls and many other old-time flavors can be found here. This notable Taiwan night market is located in front of the Hsinchu City God Temple with a long history that can be traced back to the Japanese colonial period. The night market started off with just 4 vendors that marked their own territories by bamboo stakes, more vendors joined as time passed. While trying out the wide range of Hsinchu snacks, take a visit to the Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple, a Tier-Two historical site of Taiwan that was established in 1748. This Taoist temple is decorated with hundreds of colorful wall-paintings and a distinctive arched structure at the entrance.

After the visit to the Hsinchu Cheng Huang Temple area, take a short stroll to the East Gate, the landmark of Hsinchu City that was built in 1733 using bamboo, and later reconstructed with bricks and stones in 1827. Today, visitors may still find the ruins of East Gate with a public square in the front that sometimes concerts and performances can be seen. In addition, the city canals nearby is an excellent place favored by locals for relaxations.
Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area (photo by Mimi)
Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area (photo by Mimi)
Just about a 10 minute walk away from the Hsinchu East Gate, visitors may find Hsinchu City Glass Museum that was first reconstructed in 1936 from a Japanese royal residence and a banquet hall, and later opened to the public in 1999. Hsinchu City Glass Museum is the home to colorful glass exhibitions in Taiwan. Wrap up your day at one of the modern Hsinchu hotels. 

Visit Hsinchu City World Expo-Taiwan Pavilion on the 2nd day of your Hsinch travel. The relocated Taiwan Pavilion from the 2013 Shanghai World Expo for the beautiful pavilion that covers an area about 4.3 hectares, along with the plan of an industrial innovation park that includes Taiwan Street. Taiwan Parvilion is designed by C.Y. Lee, the architect who has also designed Taipei 101. The pavilion is designed with the core concept of “Mountain, Water, and Lantern of the Heart”. A huge LED ball called “the Heart of Taiwan” is located at the centered of the Taiwan Pavilion. It is 12 meters in diameter with multi-layered multimedia performances showcases a four-minute audiovisual clip of Taiwan’s natural and cultural attractions of Taiwan, including Sun Moon Lake, Yingge ceramics, rocks from Mt. Yushan and an infinity pool symbolizing the Pacific Ocean.

Visit Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area after Taiwan Pavilion. Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area spans over Nanliao to Nankang of Hsinchu, it is the home to a great diverse of wildlife and splendid nature sceneries. This coastline scenic area features 8 spectacular scenic spots from Hsinchu Harbor in Nanliao to bird watching area in Nankang that includes the Hsinchu Harbor Tourist Centre, Seaview Park, Gangnan Canal, Mangrove Park, Splendor Coast, Oceanview Deck at the Haishan Harbor and Nangang Bird Watch Area. The bike trails along the coastline are popular among both local and international travelers. In addition, Nanliao Port, nearby Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area, a popular place for fresh seafood delicacies and also the selected site for 2013 Taiwan National Day fireworks.

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