Wangfujing Street
Wangfujing Street-street view
Wangfujing Street is the first modern-style commercial street in Beijing while old Beijing can be reflected. It is about 800 meters long and on two sides of it stand many stores and malls.

Along Wangfujing Street tourists can find department store, bookstore, old-style plaza, and many kinds of shops. All in all there are about 100 of them, opening from 9 AM to 9 or 10 PM. For those who want to buy Chinese handicrafts, Artistic Mansion(Gong Mei Da Xia) is a good choice to go. Good-quality antiques, calligraphy and painting equipments, silk, embroidery, carpet, crystal, jade, porcelain, tea set, musical instruments, anything that you can think of is displayed and sold in Artistic Mansion(Gong Mei Da Xia).

Tourists are sure to have a satisfying shopping on Wangfujing Street, and when tired, there are outdoor coffee seats for relaxing. Or tourists can have some snacks in Wangfujing Food Street, which has become very popular among tourists. Passing through a grand monumental archway, there are many stands selling a variety of food from different regions of China. For Shish kebab(Kao Rou Chuan), people can be amazed how all kinds of meat and all parts of body can be grilled into a delicacy.

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Wangfujing Street, DongCheng District, Beijing

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