Located at the opposite to the rear door of Beihai Park, Shishahai derives its name from the ten (shi) Buddhist monasteries (sha) around it. The spacious water area and beautiful verdant trees make up the pleasant landscape in Shishahai. In the Summer, boat riding is a popular activity while in the winter water skiing in the lake becomes the prime sport. In and around Shishahai, there are plenty of royal residences and gardens as well as historical architectures that display Beijing’s special tradition. In ancient times, Shishahai was a prosperous business district and many royalties and celebrities dwell by the shore.

Nowadays tourists can take a ride touring Hutongs that are nearby Shishahai, or dine in bistros whiling enjoying the beautiful view. Above all, Shishahai has become a famous bar area. Pubs and lounges around here attract the urbanites as well as foreigners to enjoy night life entertainment.

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