Located in the West Mountain, Badachu allows visitors to have the enchanting view of flowers and trees while climbing up the mountain. Surrounded by three mountains, Badachu derives a special climate and is one of the most suitable mountain-climbing spots in China. There are 8 temples in total from the mountain top to the mountain side, and thus it derives its name. Badachu Park boasts its long-standing history and its alluring natural scenery. It is ranked as a level one park in Beijing and is a 4A tourist attraction in China.

The Changan temple was built in the Ming Dynasty. It displays the cultural and historical relics of these eight temples. The Lingguang temple was built in Tang Dynasty and is the most well preserved temple. It has a gingko tree that dates back to the Yuan Dynasty. Every year on September 9th of the lunar year, a climbing gathering is held in Badachu.

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