The Great Wall at Juyongguan
The Great Wall at Juyongguan-
The Great Wall is a scenic spot that tourists cannot miss for their Beijing travel in China. The magnificent structure is a rare military defense project in history. With long-standing history, grand construction effort and majestic spirits, The Great Wall is the honor and symbol of the Chinese. Built in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, and reconstructed many times in following dynasties, The Great Wall has now become a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO. In ancient times, Juyongguan Pass was the gateway from the north to Beijing. It was from here that the Mongolian attacked Beijing. On both sides of the pass are carpeted with dense trees and flowers in summer. Its beauty is listed as “Eight Great Sights of Yanjing.” For tourists' Beijing travel, The Great Wall is an attraction that tourists must see. Juyongguan Pass and Badaling are among the most well-known. For more sightseeing attractions in Beijing, please visit our Beijing Tourism website for a map to guide your China tour and to find your ideal China hotel.
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Bus No. 919 from Deshengmen;
Tourist Bus No.s 1-5