The Ming Tombs
The Ming Tombs-entrance
The Ming Tombs, or Shishangling, is situated near the Tianshou Mountain in Changping County, about 50 kilometers northwest of Beijing city proper. It occupies about 120 square kilometers, with mountains surrounding on the east, west, and north. Buried here are thirteen emperors and 23 queens of Ming Dynasty in ancient China, as well as many of the princes, concubines and maids. The thirteen tombs of The Ming Tombs are different in the measure of area and structure complexity, but are similar in layout and arrangement. In Shishanling Museum tourists can have a complete understanding of the history and geography of each tomb. The tomb area is basically rectangle, with a round or oval fortress behind. Further behind of every tomb lies the mountain, and facing in front is the water. At present there are only 4 tombs open to the public. Among the thirteen tombs in The Ming Tombs, Changling is the first-built, in 1409, and the largest as well as the best-preserved. It is Emperor Yongle and his wife's tomb. Another well-known tomb is Dingling, where Emperor Wanli and two of his wives were buried. For more sightseeing attractions in Beijing, please visit our Beijing Tourism website for a map to guide your China tour and to find your ideal China hotel.
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