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(Hsinchu) Pinglin Tea Museum

October 21, 2009

Located next to the Pingling Old Bridge, the Pinglin Tea Museum is a two-storey, traditional Southern Fujian style quadrangle with Chinese landscapes and architectures. It has an abundant collection of materials on tea culture, and the on-site facilities include an exhibition hall, a beautiful garden with pond and artificial mountain, a multimedia hall, pavilions, and a tea house. Visitors may enjoy delicious tea, tea products, and tea desserts at the tea house.

The exhibition hall is divided into three areas, including Teapot Art Area, Tea History Area, and Tea Making Area. The Teapot Art Area introduces how cultivating teapot can cultivate a person's mind and personality. Also introduce the history of different teapots, tea songs, tea poems, and tea books. The Tea History Area introduces the rituals of drinking tea, different tea in each Chinese dynasty, and how tea has developed in the Chinese history. It also introduces the story of the tea saint, Luyu, who is the Tang Dynasty's most famous tea scholar. The Tea Making Area introduces various Taiwanese traditional tea-making facilities and process along with contemporary tea-making machines and tea-making process. Moreover, it also introduces all different types of tea and their district of origin.

The Pinglin Tea Museum also has seasonal theme exhibitions at the multimedia hall, displaying contemporary tea masters’ tea-making facilities, tea-making films, and any poetries and art works about tea. Visitors may understand more about tea culture and tea history by visiting the Pinglin Tea Museum in Hsinchu.

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Open hours:
9am to 5pm on weekdays, and 9am to 6pm on weekends.

Adult- TWD100
Student- TWD50
Free admission for children under 120cm, disables visitors and one of their companies, and elders aged 65 or over.

1. Take Kuo-Kuang or Zhongxing Bus heading for Longdon or Su-ao and get off at Pinglin.
2. Take Xindian Bus at Gongbao Building and get off at Pinglin.

Address: No.19-1, Shuisongqikeng, Shuide Village, Pinglin Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan.

Nearby attractions: the Pinglin Stone Sculpture Park and a tea field behind the museum.

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