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2011 Annual Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival

August 25, 2011
Sun Moon Lake, Nantou, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake, Nantou, Taiwan

Every year on the 10th of October, celebrations and events are planned to celebrate the birthday of Taiwan, which is known as the National Day of Taiwan or the Double Tenth Day. The day is also to commemorate the 1911 Wuchang Uprising, a milestone of China’s politics development and a new chapter which led to the end of the Qing Dynasty.

During this significant day of the nation, both local and international visitors and honored dignitaries from all over the world gather in Taiwan to celebrate and show their respect for the nation. Major celebrations and the celebration ceremony are planned in front of the Presidential Office Building. The celebration ceremony first begins with the raising of the flag and national anthem, followed by a military parade to show the martial spirit of the armed forces in full regalia. The climax of the day is the Presidential Address, followed by a series of performances by local celebrities and groups and a public parade by representatives of different fields with Taiwan flags holding in their hands. Visitors may also find Taiwan flags fluttering on the major streets and roads of Taiwan during this period of time forming a colorful scene.

During the evening, splendid National Day fireworks would be displayed for several hours as finale to wrap up the birthday celebrations that turn the sky dazzling and colorful over major Taiwan cities representing the bright and colorful future of Taiwan.

2011 Taiwan Centennial Celebrations

Event 1: Taiwan National Day Celebration Ceremony
Date: Oct. 10, 2011
Venue: In front of the Presidential Office in Taipei City

Event 2: Musical -“Dreamer”
Date & Time:
2011/10/10 (19:30)
2011/10/11 (20:00)
Venue: Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheater (Taichung Arena)
Ticket Price: twd 100 (Tickets to be purchased at 7-Eleven ibon)

Event 3: 2011 Taiwan Centennial Firework Display
Date: Oct. 10, 2011
Location: Lugang Changbin Industrial Zone in Changhua County

As 2011 is the Centennial of the Republic of China (Taiwan), mega and fanfare celebrations have been scheduled. An annual celebration ceremony is schedule in front of the Presidential Office Building in Taipei City, Taiwan.

In the evenings of Oct. 10th-11th, 2011, a splendid musical, “Dreamer”, will be performed together by local performers and celebrities at the Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheater (Taichung Arena) to represent the core spirit of Taiwanese and harmonious cultures and societies, as well as the dreams of people.

The main firework display of 2011 Taiwan National Day is scheduled in Lugang Changbin Industrial Zone of Changhua County, which is about a40-60 minute ride from downtown Taichung City. There will also be fireworks in Dadaocheng area of Taipei City.

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2013 Lukang Dragon Boat Festival
Place: Lukang Township
Time: 2013/5/11 – 6/12

2013 Chiayi Dragon Boat Championship
Location 1: Budai Town
Date: 2013/06/08 Saturday

Location 2: Donshih Town
Date: 2013/06/12 Wednesday

2013 Kaohsiung Zhongyun Fishing Port Traditional Dragon Boat Race
Date: 2013/06/08-2013/06/10
Location: Zhongyun Fishing Port

2013 Kaohsiung International Dragon Boat Race
Date: 2013/06/09-2013/06/12
Location: Love River (in between Zhongzhen Bridge & Kaohsiung Bridge)

2013 Yilan Dragon Boat Championship
Location 1: Dongshan River Water Park
Date: 2013/06/11-2013/06/12

Location 2 : Yilan River
Date: 2013/06/11-2013/06/12

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