Kaohsiung Attractions

Cheng Ching Lake

/ 三井

Seven-km northeast of Kaohsiung City, Cheng Ching Lake is a 90-hectare, man-made reservoir surrounded by greenery landscape. Originally named Big Shell Lake, or Big Parapet Lake, the reservoir was revamped in 1954. When it reopened in 1959, it became a popular tourist area and was renamed as Cheng Ching Lake, meaning clear water lake. The area is divided into three sections; the scenic area for the sightseers, the recreational area and the reservoir area. Except for the reservoir, which is closed to the public, the park has attracted hosts of visitors and community dwellers all year around. The reservoir supplies water mainly to the Kaohsiung industrial areas.

Most of the attractions are scattered along both sides of the round-the-lake walkways. Starting from the main entrance, grounds, you will first pass two large aquariums which keep salt water fish and fresh water fish respectively.

From there, you will pass the Nine-turns Bridge, Lotus pond, Fukuo Islet, Chunghsing Islet, Chunghsing Pagoda, Thousand Tree Woodland, Chungling Pagoda, Youth Activity Center, Three Pavilions, and Moon-gazing Building. The Youth Activity Center is equipped with training field, swimming pool, shooting gallery, youth hostel, and campAdjoining the lake is the 18-hole Kaohsiung Golf and Country Club. Nearby, the historical President Chiang’s Administration Building is now open to the public. It houses a mini library where many of the historical governmental and military documents are kept. These include the declaration of surrender by the Japanese after eight years of confrontation with China.



Drive on your own:
1. No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Kaohsiung Interchange (高雄交流道) -> make a right turn at Dashun Road (大順路) -> make a left turn at Chengching Road (澄清路) -> Chengching Lake (澄清湖)

2. No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Jiuru Interchange (九如交流道) -> Jiuru 1st Road (九如一路) -> make a left turn at Chengching Road (澄清路) -> Chengching Lake (澄清湖)

3. No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Nanzih Interchange (楠梓交流道) -> Fennan Road (鳳楠路) -> Fenren Road (鳳仁路) -> No. 183 County Road (183縣道) bound for Fenshan (鳳山) -> Niaoxong (鳥松) -> make a right turn at Dapi Road (大埤路) -> Chengchin Lake (澄清湖)

By HSR -> Taxi:
Take high-speed railway to HSR Zuoying Station (左營高鐵站). From there, catch a taxi to Chengching Lake (澄清湖).

By Bus:
1. Take Kaohsiung City Bus (高雄市公車) no. 30, 60, 70, 79, or 217 to Chengching Lake (澄清湖)
2. Take Kaohsiung Bus (高雄客運) no. 111, 603, 701, 702, or 703 from Fenshan (鳳山) to Chengching Lake (澄清湖)

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