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Chengching Lake Marine Park

Kaohsiung Attractions

Chengching Lake Marine Park

/ 老山羊部落格

The Grand African Wild Life Zoo is located in Tasue (Big Tree) Town in Kaohsiung County. It is originally the B B Theme Park. With the exception of the tigers, lions and bears, which are segregated, all the other animals roam freely in wide natural environment. Each visitor may have a close contact with these tame animals. There are various activities and performances to keep the visitors entertained. These include animal shows, feeding, milking the cow, lunch with the Chimpanzee, buffalo tug-of-war, riding on ostriches and African traditional dances. Slide and video shows are also available for entertainment and educational purposes. There is also a playland where kids can have fun riding on the Mary-go-round, bumping bed, ball pool etc. Grand African Wild Life Zoo is designed for every age group and definitely a fun and relaxing place for family spending their weekend.


By Bus:
1. Take bus no. 60, 17 or 70 from Kaohsiung Train Station (高雄火車站) to Cheng Shiu University (正修科技大學站).
2. Take Kaohsiung Bus-Fenshan Line Bus (高雄客運鳳山線) to Chengching Lake.
3. Take Kaohsiung Bus (高雄客運) no. 111, 603, 701, 702, or 703 from Fenshan (鳳山) to Chengching Lake (澄清湖)

Drive on your own:
1. No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Jiuru Interchange (九如交流道) -> Jiuru 1st Road (九如一路) -> make a left turn at Chengching Road (澄清路) and go for another 2kms -> Chengchin Lake Marine Park (澄清湖海洋奇珍園)

2. No. 1 National Highway (國道一號) -> exit from Nanzih Interchange (楠梓交流道) -> Fennan Road (鳳楠路) -> Fenren Road (鳳仁路) -> No. 183 County Road (183縣道) bound for Fenshan (鳳山) -> Niaoxong (鳥松) -> make a right turn at Dapi Road (大埤路) -> Chengchin Lake Marine Park (澄清湖海洋奇珍園)

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