Flower Viewing Season

Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village-Cherry Blossom & Lavender Festival

Time: Feb. – Mar. (Cherry Blossoms) March (Lavender)

Location: Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village & Sun Moon Lake


Every year in early spring around February to March, Sun Moon Lake and Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village are embraced by cherry blossoms in full bloom making the area having the most cherry blossoms in central Taiwan. The Cherry Blossom Festival was held since 2001 with a series of events centered on the hundreds of cherry trees and over 2,000 cherry trees in the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village. Also, during the cherry blossom festival period, lamplight is placed on each of the cherry trees in Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village, creating a mesmerizing, romantic mesmerizing cherry blossom veranda that always make visitors linger on.

Right after cherry blossom festival, lavender festival comes up next. Around March every year, more than 100,000 lavenders decorated Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village in picturesque sceneries, leading visitors into a world of romance. There will also be concerts and performances during weekends of lavender festival for visitors to indulge in a world of charming ambience.

Nantou Hotels for Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village-Cherry Blossom & Lavender Festival

We Resort

We Resort

No.70-3, Jintian Ln., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan