Flower Viewing Season

Hsinchu Mt. Shibajian Flower Season

Time: March

Location: Mt. Shibajian


Located in Hsinchu City East District, Mt. Shibajian is the second forest park of Taiwan established during the Japanese colonial period after Taipei Yangmingshan National Park. Mt. Shibajian features a new moon shape with a winding road that goes for about 7-8 kilometers, offering great scenries of Hsinchu City from its northwest side and views of Taiwan Strait in the front at its peak about 126.9 meters near Jieshou Pavilion.

Mt. Shibajian Flower Season is held every year in March that attracts large numbers of both local and international travellers for flower blooming in many colors, and also to enjoy a relaxing time along the mountain trails. Other than seeing these beautiful flowers, visitors are also recommended to see other Hsinchu splendors such as Hsinchu East Gate, Hsinchu 17km Coastline Scenic Area, Hsinchu City God Temple, Neiwan Old Street and Sheipa Leisure Farm. In addition, Hsinchu snacks include Hakka cuisines, rice vermicelli, spring roll, cuttlefish thick soup, meat ball and fishball are mouth-watering local favourites that one do not want to miss for their Taiwan travel.

2012 Mt. Shibajian Flower Season (2012/03/01-2012/03/31) is covered by peonies along mountain trails in March and later with Yoshino cherry blossoms and Sweet Tea Olive for you to enjoy a romantic springtime in Hsinchu. Mt. Shibajian Flower Season is designed into different areas include peony zone, apricot blossom zone, sweet tea olive lane, peach flower zone, and creative flower zone. The creative flower zone will be decorated by creative ideas of 16 Taiwan organizations, transforming the area into picturesque sceneries.


Driving directions:

Zhongshan Highway (National Highway No. 1) -> exit from Hsinchu Interchange -> Hsinchu Guangfu Road -> Turn left to Shueifu Road -> Turn left to Boai Road -> Mt. Shibajian Flower Season

From Hsinchu Railway Station:

Take Hsinchu Bus no. 1, 2 or 3 from Hsinchu Railway Station and alight at National Hsinchu Commercial & Vocational High School stop or Shueiyuandi stop -> Enter the East Entrance of Mt. Shibajian Flower Season from Lane 5 of Boai Street.

Weekend Shuttle Service:

Shuttle bus runs every 40 minutes on every Saturday and Sunday at the car park on the back of Hsinchu Railway Station on Nanda Road and entrance of Mt.Shibajian on Shueifu Road.