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(Nantou) A paradise in Taiwan- Cingjing Farm

October 29, 2009

Taiwan is blessed with abundant natural resources. The top eight farms in Taiwan include: Chiayi Farm in Chiayi County, Cilan Forest Recreation Area and Mingchih Forest Recreation Area in Yilan County, Cingjing Farm in Nantou County, Donghe Leisure Farm in Taitung County, Fushoushan Farm and Wuling Farm in Taichung County, and Kaohsiung Leisure Farm in Kaohsiung County. Each farm has beautiful sceneries and unique features.

Operated by Veterans Affairs Commission, the Cingjing Farm is located in RenAi Town, Nantou County, at an altitude around two thousand meters. It is one of the three highest farms in Taiwan (The other two are Fushoushan Farm and Wuling Farm). The Green Green Grasslands is the most popular site of the Cingjing Farm. Numerous sheep gathered around the emerald green grassland; visitors may take photos with them and enjoy the sheep shearing show. The Small Swiss Garden has been called “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland”. It has beautiful flowers and has beautiful mountain sceneries.

Moreover, there are six famous trails for visitors to take strolls. Visitors may appreciate the tea terraces and beautiful lake at Green Lake Trail; enjoy the unique view of sunset at Sunset Trail; breathe in natural Pythoncidere at Cryptomeria Trail; get close to sheep and cows at Pasturage Trail; view beautiful flowers at Margarita Trail; appreciate the sea of clouds, forest, butterflies, and goats at 499-Steps Trail. Overall, Cingjing Farm is a heavenly place for visitors to relax and unwind.
So come to Nantou and immerse yourself in natural beauty and peace!

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