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(Taipei) The Landis Taipei Hotel

May 13, 2009

On behalf of Sinotour staffs would like to mourn for the victims of typhoon Morakot and pay respects to the brave rescuers.

Due to wrath of typhoon Morakot that unsparing Taiwan with heavy rains and mudslides, various areas and villages have been affected. The following list provides you with current conditions in each area.

Taipei -There are no significant damages to local tourist spots.

Taoyuan, Hsin-chu, and MiaoLi- No significant damages.

Taichung - No significant damages.

Changhua- No significant damages.

Yunlin- No significant damages.

Chiayi-  Numerous road sections to Alishan Recreation Area and Fenchihu are currently under reconstructions. The whole range is estimated to be passable before the end of October.  

Tainan County: Yushan Village is now under hygienizations and liquidations.

Tainan City- No significant damages.

Kaohsiung County- Jiasian Siaolin Village, Maolin, Taoyuan Village, Liouguei Village, and Namasia Village are critically slammed by Morakot.

Kaohisung City-No significant damages

1.  Tunkang, Linbian, and Fangliau Townships are under liquidations and hygienizations.
2. Kenting area has no significant impacts. However, due to numerous drifting objects and turbid water, visitors are not suggested to visit at present moment.
3. Part of coast line road from Kaohiung to Kenting has broken down; visitors have to go by a devious route.
1. Taimali, Jhihben, and Dawu are seriously impacted; various bridges and roads have been destroyed by the rush of water.
2. Due to Taimali River breach, south highway, and railway are destroyed in Taimali section. Railway base and bridges are having a serious damage over seven hundred meters, the repairment time is not decided yet.

Hualien- No significant damages.

Yilan- No significant damages.

1. Lushan is ready for your visits!
2. Xinyi Township is now under reconstructions and liquidations.
3. Shenmu Village and Dongpu Village of Xinyi Township are harshly slammed.

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