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(Yunlin) 2011 Yunlin International Puppet Festival

September 27, 2011
Taiwan Traditional Puppets

Taiwan Traditional Puppets

Named one of this year’s best winter trips, Taiwan’s High-Speed Rail began its operation in 2007, zipping across Taiwan’s valleys, plains, and Central Mountain Range foothills from Taipei south to Kaohsiung which serves as a gateway to the tropical Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area, Kenting National Park and Maolin National Scenic Area, home to four of Taiwan’s aboriginal groups – Rukai, Paiwan Bunun and Tsou.

With the establishment of the high-speed rail, an easy day trip can be made on a roundtrip western high-speed rail loop from Taipei and back, giving you enough time to discover Taiwan’s fascinating splendors and sample all kinds of authentic Taiwan dishes at the city’s famous night markets and restaurants. Also, the neighborhood surrounding HSR Hsinchu Station has been chosen to host the 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival from February 23 to March 10, 2013. There will be thousands of animated and traditional artistic lanterns illuminating the night skies of Hsinchu.

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