Yilan Attractions
Divine Trees Zone

Yilan Attractions

Divine Trees Zone

/ 陳皮梅

The Divine Trees Zone is the only remain of Formosa Red Cypress in Yilan , about 12 km away from Zhialan. You are able to appreciate thousand-year-old trees including red cypress, Japanese cypress, and many more. These trees are named after ancient celebrates or scholars depend on the age.
Yolanda/Mimi H.


By car :
From Yilan Town, go on Tarzan Road and then turn to No. 7 Provincial Route until you reach Paitou Bridge.
Then, go on No. 7A Provincial Route to the destination.

By bus :
Take the train or take the Taichi Express Bus from Taipei North Main Station bound for Yilan, Lotung, Suao and Nanfangao.
From Ilan, take the Taichi Express Bus bound for Lishan and Nanshan Village and alight at Zhialan stop.
There are 5 trips daily.

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