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Tainan City ─ The Milkfish Palace
Being one of Taiwan’s most popular tourist attractions, The Milkfish Palace is the first ecology museum that focused on milkfish. The concept of the museum is inspired by a library. Whether you would like to know about the history, information, pictures, or even recipe of milkfish, this is surely the right place for you. With the characteristic building and abundant knowledge of the fish that meant a lot not only to Tainan but the whole Taiwan, The Milkfish Palace is a must visit spot for your Tainan trip.

Having 400 years aquaculture history in Taiwan and being so important to Tainan people, milkfish is also known as “fish of every Tainan household”. It’s a very precious species of high nutritional value, rich in nutrient content like protein, pectin, vitamins and so on. Milkfish has always been the pride of Taiwan. In order to promote it to more people, the founder situated The Milkfish Palace in Anping District, near Eternal Golden Castle (Yi Tzai Golden Castle), which is the perfect location to reach out more tourists.

Not only does the structure have its distinguishing feature, the spatial arrangements have also been carefully planned. The first floor of the museum covers display area, ecological pool, store, DIY classroom, and dining area. While the second floor focuses on providing the historical and cultural information of milkfish. Besides look around the museum on your own, you may reserve free tours or try DIY activities. You may even try sausage, dried fish floss, dumplings made of milkfish while acquiring knowledge of it. The Milkfish Palace is a comprehensive museum you won’t want to miss when travel to Tainan!

No.88,Guangzhou Rd.,Anping District,Tainan City,Taiwan (R.O.C.)

scenery features:

A milkfish museum provides the history, information, pictures, recipe, and products of milkfish. Free tours, DIY activities, and dining area are also included.

opening hours:

09:00 - 18:00

google map

By Bus:
1. Take City Bus 14 at Tainan Railway Station to Eternal Golden Castle.
2. Take Tourist Bus 88 to Eternal Golden Castle.

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