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Taitung Specials

Chihshang RiceChihshang Rice

With an exceptionally gifted location in Taitung and irrigated by fresh water, Chihshang Rice is renowned as the King of Rice of eastern Taiwan. The superior taste has also made the Chihshang lunchbox famous both locally and internationally. The mild, suitable climate and pure irrigation system of East Rift Valley made Chihshang, Guangshan and Luye towns renowned for their high-quality rice productions.

Chihshang Lunchbox Chihshang Lunchbox

The well-known Chihshang lunchbox is a Taitung special, which visitors should not miss for their Taitung travel. Chihshang lunchbox is made by the superior Chihshang rice, and contained by wooden-lunchboxes. In the past during the Japanese colonization period, Chihshang lunchbox were rice rolls wrapped in bamboo leaves containing stewed meat, carrots, grilled dried meat, pig’s liver, plums, etc. Chihshang lunchbox was sold at Chihshang Train Station – the station between Hualien and Taitung stations, where passengers would stop and buy a rice roll to relieve their hunger. The vendors later changed the form of lunchbox from rice roll wrapped in bamboo leaves to wooden-lunchboxes since 1962.

Today, other than enjoying Chihshang lunchbox, visitors may also visit the Chihshang Lunchbox Museum for more information on this Taitung specialty. The museum is comprised of a number of display areas include a historical and cultural area, a farm and farming tools area, a rice paddy culture area, as well as an old lunchbox area to see the well-preserved early tools that were used to produce these delicious lunchboxes.

Donghe Steamed Bun & Beinan Steamed Bun

Donghe Steamed Bun and Beinan Steamed Bun are 2 famous local specialties that can be found in Donghe Town and Taitung City. Opened since 1998, Donghe Steamed Bun has become one of the must-tries of Taitung. Today, visitors may find a great selection of flavors of different stuffing, including meat, red bean, bamboo shoot mixed with meat, cabbage mixed with meat and many others that you may want to give it a try for your Taitung travel!

Mochi (Glutinous Rice Cake)

Like Hualien, Taitung is benefited for its unspoiled natural resources; water, agricultural products, climate, etc. Mochi is a famous Taiwan eastern snack that is known as glutinous rice cake. Mochi is made of sweet potato, red rice and uncontaminated water that can be locally sourced. Today, the most famous Mochi shop in Taitung is Chen’s Mochi located in Taitung City offering a number of flavors include sesame, green bean, red bean, as well as the traditional Mochi. For ones travel to Green Island, do not forget to try the special seaweed Mochi!

Green Island & Lanyu (Orchid Island) – Flying Fish Culture & Flying Fish Snacks

The Yami (Dawu) aborigines dwell on Lanyu (Orchid Island) off-shore of Taitung County, the flying fish plays an important role in the Yami culture that derives to the Flying Fish Festival, in which the Yami men would catch flying fish in March, and fishing events would be planned to celebrate the occasion. The Yamis regard flying fish as a gift from the heavens that should be reciprocated with respect. Today, when travelers visit Green Island and Lanyu, they would bring a pack or 2 flying fish cookies as souvenirs for their friends and families.

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Taitung Hotels

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Century Hotel
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TWD 5,500+

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Rainbow Resort

Rainbow Resort
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TWD 2,400+

Yawan Spa Hotel

Yawan Spa Hotel
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TWD 1,800+

F HOTEL Chihpen

F HOTEL Chihpen
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TWD 2,800+

Feng Lin Tingyuan Homestay

Feng Lin Tingyuan Homestay
Located in downtown Taitung City, Feng Lin Tingyuan Homestay is near Taitung Tourism Night…
TWD 1,500+